It's Moidz!!

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It's Moidz!!

Post by Moidz on Thu May 23, 2013 3:34 am

HELLO ALL! Very Happy

My name is Adam, but you can call me Moidz. I am 14 and come from the US of A. I really like video games, and am an active video gamer daily. Now that school's out, I can play a lot longer and have more fun! Very Happy I really like entertaining people and love to make others laugh. I usually have a positive attitude towards others, which can lead to good friendships!

The main games I play are: RS, CoD, Halo, BF3, MC, and GMod. I have alot of hours combined on alll of those! I have an Xbox and a PC that I play those on. Although, I woudn't say that I have a favorite, considering they're all pretty good.

That's pretty much it for me! See you guys on the RSPS! Very Happy


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