Hi im Breezey

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Hi im Breezey

Post by Breezey on Thu May 23, 2013 10:59 am

Hi. Canadian, 20. irl name is nick. swag.

Been playing rs and rsps on and off for about 9 years now. EoC i've got two accounts that are 120+ and 133 a piece :p

rsps wise, been admins/mods on a few, as well as forum modding for rsps and various clans; one would say i know my way around forums Wink

I enjoy just having fun on servers; just messing around, looking for funny glitches, bossing, and skilling.

I go to university up here in canada; I major in political science with a minor in communications (i doubt you could tell that by this piece of writing, but im writing lazy right now while i wait for the server to come back up).

I can also argue myself out of a box. just a cardboard one doe. DANK U

yolo swag yolo, 420 based god. PRAISE LIL B. Protect the based god at all costs #taskforce

Twitter: @mabeelegit
Skype: iaspiire

Also, i run a youtube channel, have for a while now. recently got to 1k subs, which took me a stupid amount of time (i have nearly 300 videos and over 200k video views). Mostly i post call of duty because it's the only thing that gets views on my channel, so there's that.
I trickshot like l33t FaZe Pamaj.

If you're interested in checking that out, just youtube search memoriespastvideos. thats my youtube channel (:

Any other Qs throw em my way too. Love the server thus far, hoping i can be a vital part to it's development in the future. As well as being #1 sloth



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